Meagan is trained and certified throug:

 Brow Design International – NYC



As we all know the brows are the frame for our face. If you are looking for perfect brows you should consider Microblading. It is ideal for creating a full, natural looking brow, and microblading is the most sustainable and popular method in permanent makeup. 

Microblading is quite similar to hair stroke cosmetic tattoo using the machine method, however the strokes are finer, and are not imposed as deeply into the skin. Therefore, brows created with microblading look better and more natural. It also eliminates the risks of permanent makeup, we all know trends change and this way you can change with them. Most mircobladed brows usually last around 12 -18 months before a retouch is required.


We start with a brow consultation, this allows you to understand the process, bring in some pictures and let our experts create the perfect brows for your face. During the treatment, your new brow shape will be penciled in and then pigment is placed into the epidermis skin layer using micro needle strokes. These are built up into the new shape, and the area gradually made fuller with the appearance of tiny hairs, the fullness is depending on the desired result you discussed during your consultation. This technique gives amazing results in the hands of a truly skilled artist.


Summer Special:

Custom microblading brows $400 until July

Regular Pricing:

Custom microblading brows $600